Advanced Call Center Technology You Need For Your Home-Shored Call Center

The call center industry is seeing a huge change – a huge sector of the business is now starting to become based at home (or home-shored, as industry jargon calls it). People who have adequate knowledge and skills in managing calls can set up their own call station, or even an entire call center company, right at their own place of residence. A lot of seasoned agents (who got burnt out from the stressful floor environment at their previous companies) have found that they can still be able to put their skills to use in a more relaxed or flexible setting. A growing number of sales and marketing professionals, HR practitioners and customer service representatives have also made the move from their office cubicle to their very own personal workstation.

Setting up your own call center is not for everyone. For one, you should have enough dedicated space in your home to turn into your office – preferably something quiet and with a door, so that you could block out any distractions from your household and focus on your conversations with your clients better. Moreover, it’s important that you invest in advanced call center technology to help you be better at and be more efficient with your job.

Internet calling software or VoIP is a primary investment you should make if you want to save on costs and if you have plans to take your business to a global level. VoIP plans can offer unlimited and international calling packages as well as mobile phone calls and Internet fax services for very low rates. Experts, however, recommend having a dedicated landline that can serve as backup at times when the Internet is down.

Security software is something you shouldn’t scrimp on. Invest in systems that will ensure superior protection for your data and your clients’ information. Make sure you are running on secure SSL connections and VPN channels, and that every transaction and communication you make are fully safe from hacking, malware, viruses and suspicious activities online.

A type of software that helps you manage all the call information is also valuable for this type of business. There are programs that help you organize data and call history for every client by collecting the information, recording the data and having it easily accessible every time you need it. The right data management technology for your call center will not only help you be more efficient and updated about your clients, it can also enhance your business and marketing intelligence capabilities.

How To Start A Call Center Business From Home

Thanks to advances in technology, you can now be running your business or be fully employed right from your own home. Of course, this setup is not applicable for all types of trade, but if your job is something that can be done with just a computer, an Internet connection and a phone line or two, then you can set up your workstation in any quiet corner or nook of your house. With the right equipment and the right strategy, you’ll have business up and running in no time.

A good example of a home-based enterprise is a call center business. Students and stay-at-home moms who want to make money on the side, people who may have challenges with being mobile, or those who are seeking flexible work hours – these are just some of the individuals who find that setting up a call center at home can be a practical and profitable way to work.

How to start a call center business? Experts say your first step should be to ensure that you have basic knowledge of the tasks involved. This is why those who have previous experience working in an office-based call center are perfect for this, since they have already acquired the set of skills and experience in handling calls and communicating over the phone. If you don’t have any previous background, you could also undergo training, or better yet, seek a client who could provide you training while on the job. If you have a natural flair for conversation, then you already have square one covered.

Another important factor is equipment. If you plan to make your calls mostly online-based through special software such as VoIP, you could save a lot of costs compared to getting an actual landline and having cables and units installed in your location. On the other hand, you can actually do away with the needed capital for a line of equipment – some people who are good at marketing simply focus on getting clients, and then just employ other people to make the calls, also from their own homes.

As with any business endeavor, it’s best to lay out all your strategies with a basic business plan. Map out everything – from your capital to your campaigns to your payment requirements, so that you could easily envision the future even when you’re just taking the first step.

Serve Your Clients Well With Contact Centre Solutions

Oftentimes, call centre would mean customer support and telemarketing. These are the most common services a call centre offers through its agents. However, there are other functions that contact centre solutions also frequently perform and they are mentioned as follows:

  1. Telephone Sales – Such area consists of product sales, order taking, customer acquisition, customer reactivation, and lead generation.
  2. Customer Support – It handles general enquiries, complaints, activations, database management, orders and bookings, and of course the help desk.
  3. Research Work – This may include providing telephone-based market research fieldwork for different clients both in the corporate sector and in academia. Research topics include consumer lifestyles, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and so on.
  4. Disaster Recovery – This involves providing promptly deployable and adaptable disaster recovery options, which usually apply in cases of a product recall. In some cases, solutions may also be needed for business continuity. So this area also involves offering possible solutions of emergency staffing as well as the putting up of a public relations hotline.
  5. Fundraising – particularly for non-profit sectors. They play a very big part in tasks like regular acquisition, donor acquisition, merchandise sales, bequests, etc.

To serve your clients well, choose an established and reputable contact centre that are able to provide all these solutions as effectively and as efficiently as possible. For more info, click here.

Being Familiar With The Benefits You Can Get From Today’s Call Centre Technology

A solution such as RapportCMS™, a pay per use technology, is gaining fame within the call centre industry because of its many benefits. This technology is full of great features like an automated outbound dialler, digital recording full features IVR, inbound skills driven routing, and campaign management.

All these excellent features are responsible for the many benefits this technology given in improving the way how call centres operate. Below are some of these benefits.

First of all, this high quality cloud-based technology provides significant savings because it is a “pay as you use” program; there are actually no maintenance charges and license fees that build up to a huge amount as time passes by.

Secondly, it has simple yet highly in depth training and systems support for operational and support personnel which is further an advantage in obtaining new recruits ready to do their job at an efficient level at anytime.

This technology can actually be accessed anywhere in the world. Apart from this, it has “on the fly” modifications to campaigns. It also provides the benefit of interaction management, CTI integration support and powerful scripting that function well in coming up with process-based solutions.

These are just some of the benefits that you can get from today’s call centre technology. If you want to learn more of these benefits, visit this site now.

What A Call Center Customer Service Resume Should Contain

Call Center Customer Service ResumeThe birth of outsourced call centers in one economy is the growth of employment rate in the country. Promises of health and insurance benefits and a good pay make people swarm on the hiring centers. Never minding the long wait and the intimidating stares of different people vying for the same goal, to be a call center agent, they wait with high hopes that they will be hired.

For newbie, here is a quick guide on what a call center customer service resume should contain.

Personal Information. This part of the resume includes all your basic information such as your name, date and place of birth, age, address, civil status, address, contact information, and nationality.

Educational Background. Your primary to tertiary level of education should be indicated here. The name of the school, address, and the year you graduated. In most cases, call centers only accept people who have reached college level.

Experience. Your work experience is most valued here. If you have experience working in the same job description, the more advantage for you.

Skills/ Trainings. Special training and skills will also be taken in consideration. Sometimes this is a basis for salary rates.

Character Reference. This part of the resume is where you need to include your superiors if you have previous work or your principal or heads of the school if you have none.

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What It Takes To Get Real Outsource Customer Service

If you think that the easiest job there is, is to answer calls and get a lump sum pay check out of the job, then, you better think twice. There’s a lot more to huge pay checks and comfortable office life in the call center industry. You get all the frustrations and vents of the customers especially if there are product malfunctions and customer service failures.

According to businessmen, outsourcing customer service involves a lot of processes. After a tedious screening and elimination in the hiring stage, there are trainings on the line. For countries that have English only as a secondary or a tertiary language, they have English language training classes. They get through simulation calls to check if they are ready to embark in the live calls. Before officially becoming a part of the operations, they go through a gruelling nesting stage where they are closely monitored. After the designated time, when they pass with high marks, they are officially launched as customer service representatives.

The only drawback about this is when the spiels are much scripted. The irate customers may ever get more irate upon sensing it.  A good customer service should not be a scripted interaction. They should know how to listen until they arrive at a resolution best for the customer.

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Call Center Customer Service Tips

Since the call center service is thoroughly outsourced to almost all the countries in the world, many individuals are vying to be part of the industry. Why not? With the promise of great benefits, higher that minimum wage salary, good working environment, new experience, and various perks, they are sure to have completely won over the idea.

However, there are things you have to sacrifice in working in an outsourced industry. An example is you need to sacrifice your sleeping pattern. Most call center companies offer a “graveyard” to a morning shift. Graveyard is a schedule indicating a working routine that falls in at 7 PM to 4 AM. This means you should be alive and kicking, entertaining customers, nonstop talking during an unholy hour or the wee hours of the morning.

The trick there is since you already have an unhealthy working schedule, get a healthy diet and lifestyle. That’s the best thing you can do to counter the ill effects of having to work on supposedly a sleeping hour.

Next is to suppress your anger. It’s very likely that you will encounter irate customers. Not necessarily because of you but of the service. The best thing is to keep your pace and maintain a good tone throughout the call. Eventually, when the customer has vented out, he will come to his senses and calm down. In some circumstances, you might even get a kudos call for this.

This is how you can survive in a call center industry. In legal matters like divorce proceedings, the flow is different. You get an initial advice then come to an agreement. If there’s no agreed step, you have to get into a litigation process. As simple as these sounds, the entire process bears a lot of complications. This involves facing in court, dividing your assets and a lot more.

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Common Call Center Service Problems

Call centers are one of the fastest rising outsourced industries in the world today. With so many foreign countries looking to cut down on customer service expenses within their areas, outsourcing it is a really efficient thing to do. And aside from cutting costs, acquiring call center service helps the main company manage more tasks at hand.

Unfortunately, there are also some problems that companies may encounter when delegating their customer service forefront to another area.


The first problem with outsourcing to a call center service is inconsistency. Although the mother company sends endorsements and does follow up checks on the type of service they delegate to outsourced call centers, there will always be inconsistencies when it comes to core values and attitude.

Poor quality

In most cases, there is always a problem in quality when it comes to outsourcing. This may come in the form of the service itself or the workers individually. The main company will not be able to constantly monitor for absences and congruence in the type of work they would want to employ.

Quick turnovers

It seems strange, but call centers have a high turnover rate when it comes to hiring employees. Since the industry is highly in demand and positions are constantly being offered, applicants see this as a temporary income option. The nature of the work also creates an unstable structure within the outsourced company. This may not create any immediate problems, but it will as it progresses.

Security problems

When companies outsource their customer service, it’s most likely that they would be sharing important company and customer information. Because the transactions are shared to a part of the company which is not actually directly related to it, there is a high probability of putting all important and confidential information at risk of being exploited or for online identity and financial theft.

What Goes In And Out Of A Call Center Customer Service Industry

In an isolated case in India, an eighteen-year-old girl gets the spotlight for being the youngest call center agent in a contact center. She gets a small recognition among her peers but she has yet to prove it to the management.

This is a usual scenario in contact centers. You can find either the youngest of age or the youngest face in the pool of agents. Why not? The only preliminary requirement is able to speak in English, must have at least one to two years in college and pass some tests. But the truth is, that’s not all of it. Wait until you hear the rest of the story. The journey has just begun.

One who has good communication skills in English is a must when you enter the realms of contact centers since its most American companies that outsourced for customer service jobs.  However, the story does not end with it.

Most often than not, these contact centers operate round the clock. Jobs open for outsourced countries are only from a graveyard to a morning shift. Graveyard, not literally the cemetery. It means you’ll start at seven p.m. and end at four a.m. or whichever schedule falls from seven p.m. until midnight. The term may have sprung from several health issues that may rise from changing your body clock to conform to the company’s schedule and eventually may lead to an imminent death which is of course will be laid to your graveyard. Scary truth.

Series of trainings and briefings will be done before you’ll take in calls. There will be chain of evaluations. And if you think the test ends with it, you are certainly mistaken. There are certain metrics that you need to pass. Things like average handling time. This only means you have to resolve a customer’s call within a specified time. If you get a chatty customer, the best of luck for you.

Studies also show that customer agents are also prone to depressions, work-related stress, etc., that could have adverse effect on their health. Because of the surge in lifestyle change, this is nothing impossible.

One page wouldn’t be enough to tell a customer service agent’s tale. You only have to observe or experience it to know the whole story. Bottom line is the promising high-earning income from these contact centers does not assure you of a good life. Only you can decide on it.

The Outsourcing Customer Support

Outsourcing is defined by experts as obtaining products or services from an outside source. They can either go onshore or offshore outsourcing, mostly to foreign countries. The bulk of offshore outsourcing is now in India. Being the number one profit-making outsourcing country, they sure have called the shots.

Not only are technical service being outsourced, customer service too. Unlike regular customer service branches, call centers can run round the clock. Even at the wee hours of the night if you are up to something and need to talk to a consultant, you definitely can.

Call centers make 50-70% of the company’s operation. This allows companies to cater their client target without putting the health of their workers in jeopardy. Need not to hire those 24 hours because there is a shifting schedule for most schedules to be covered.

Banks, airline services, food, clothing, electricity, beauty products and anything you can think of from large corporate businesses to small and medium-sized enterprises already have outsourced services. They provide voiced or non-voiced. Voiced refers to live customer services while non-voiced on the other hand refers to chat, email, sometimes technical support.

Most services are outsourced to English-speaking countries. Although not their native language, somehow a few nationalities can get a neutral accent or if not, can mimic the way native speakers do. This is one of contact centers requirement. Added with the right skills, you can sure secure the job. Still training and practice like communication skills enhancement, technical service training, and other trainings are still required.

If you think that only birds nest, think twice. Call center on-the-job trainees also do the same. However, unlike birds, they don’t fly and certainly not build nests for their young. They are simply introduced to the process. This is a part of their transition.

Outsourcing has been around in the industry for decades. Long before it was coined as such, it already existed. The only challenge is, are you one to grab an opportunity. Undeniably, the promising salary rates are more than enough lure to get you in but in everything, there are risks and responsibilities. Just be sure to be open to them.